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INFALIA PC ( is an SME company that specializes in the provision of cutting-edge ICT solutions for smart cities, social data mining and data visualisation, as well as in highly interactive web and mobile application development. The company, founded on January 2014, is a spin-off company of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH): all six of its founders have worked for many years as researchers with the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of CERTH in a number of EC- and industry-funded research projects. Collecting, processing, mining and making accessible through intuitive applications data from mobile citizens lie at the core of INFALIA solutions for smart cities. Part of INFALIA experience comes from the participation and coordination, of its founders, in a sound number of EU funded projects. The participation of CERTH to the project FP7 ICT Live+Gov has resulted in the development of one mobile application for eGovernment. The development of this application had already started in the context of the EU-funded project PEOPLE – Smart Cities and went mobile in the context of Live+Gov. This application has been branded as ImproveMyCity and constitutes a platform for the direct citizen government communication.

INFALIA has also established synergies with companies offering advanced social media mining technologies and tools developed for brand, news and environmental monitoring. Intellectual property for these results belongs solely to CERTH according to the projects’ Consortium Agreements and there has been a formal agreement in May 2013 between CERTH and the INFALIA founders (DS 179/3.9) to transfer this property to INFALIA according to a royalties-based scheme. In addition, CERTH and the founders of INFALIA are the technical manager team in the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances project colMOOC “Smart and collaborative learning”. Moreover, INFALIA currently participates in the UNIFORS “UNIversities for Future WORkSkills” under the Erasmus+ KA203- Strategic partnerships programme and the H2020 SPIDER project, a cybersecurity platform for vIrtualised 5G cyber range services. It has also participated in the H2020 WeGovNow project “Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges”.

The founders of INFALIA have participated in several other research projects relevant to e-learning, web and social media monitoring, content analysis and retrieval, as well as visual analytics such as FP7 ICT MULTISENSOR, H2020 SEC aqua3S, H2020 ICT KRISTINA, H2020 SEC TENSOR, FP7 ICT Reveal, FP7 ICT SocialSensor.

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